Accounting Simplified

What is Accounting Simplified

We offer total financial services to individuals, small and large businesses at a flat monthly rate. We can help you find solutions to your tax problems, business accounting, audits and other bookkeeping needs. Accounting Simplified is a team of accounting professionals that have the tools and knowledge to make your taxes, financial records, and additional bookkeeping needs simple.

Who Needs Accounting Simplified

Are you a business owner that is still wasting time doing your taxes, and other financial records? Are you struggling with understanding your company's economic situation? Are you tired of the headache and heartache that you go through each month preparing your own business's taxes? If so, you need to consider outsourcing these efforts. When you outsource your accounting responsibilities, it frees your business to focus on the work that makes your company money.

Why Accounting Simplified: 

You don’t have to worry when you team up with Accounting Simplified. We offer comprehensive accounting services at a flat monthly rate. Let us take your stress away, by providing your company with controllership services, outsourced CFO, bookkeeping, payroll and tax services today.

Accounting Simplified FAQ's

Our services are designed to mold to your business. We have clients that can range from $80 a month for simple book keeping services to $5,000 a month for various Accounting Simplified services such as: tax, payroll, bookkeeping, Outsourced Controller, and CFO services.

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We have an experienced onboarding team that will contact you and build a customized process that allows you to easily transition into our program and you will be assigned to a team of professionals who will serve as your fully outsourced accounting department.

Meet Our Team      

Traditional accounting by CPA firms have usually been focused on one service or another. Often other CPA firms have the experience but not the processes in place to service and scale with a business owner’s needs. Our process and program give you your own accounting department, outsourced and overseen by CPA’s who know what they are doing, with a monthly price you can live with.

That is what makes this process perfect for small to medium business owners. We will work with you to identify what you want and build the service with a cost that matches your expectations.

It's easy! Give us a call or email us. One of our team members will reach out to you within 48 hours and work with you to take the next step.

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