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Government Agencies Audits


Our services include:

  • Uniform Guidance (Single Audit)

  • HUD (Housing and Urban Development)

  • Agreed-Upon Procedures

  • Application for IRS Tax Exempt Status (for example, 501(c)(3))

  • Financial Training for staff and Board members

  • Non-Profit Audit, Review, or Compilation Services

  • Financial Statements, including Statement of Functional Expenses

FJ & Associates takes the headache out of an audit without costing you an arm and a leg.

FJ & Associates gives each client a high-quality audit, necessary to ensure that government organizations are held accountable for the use of public resources. Financial accountability is essential for each government organization, and FJ & Associates is here to help you demonstrate your responsible stewardship.

Choose FJ & Associates for superior levels of expertise when it’s time to navigate the complexities of government audits, taking the headache out of the audit process without costing you an arm and a leg.
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Count on FJ & Associates, to provide you with individual attention at an affordable price.

Local governmental entities, municipalities, counties, special districts, and agencies all require complicated and highly specialized audits, which means that some audit firms feel like they can charge way too much for this service. We understand that heightened budgetary pressure means that government agencies like yours have to do more with less money. FJ & Associates provides outstanding audit services at affordable prices so you get the big firm experience you need without a big price.

FJ & Associates delivers outstanding service to government agencies facing the ever-increasing complexity of reporting and compliance issues. With constant scrutiny over government spending from the public and the media, government organizations have the challenging task of meeting the demand for financial reporting and compliance. Affordable and experienced, FJ & Associates is the right choice for governmental audits.

We understand that public accountability is an essential component of the financial management of all government units. You can’t risk going with auditors who don’t understand what it takes to do the task correctly or on time. FJ & Associates will guide you and your staff through the whole process–educating, advising, and working hard.

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