FJ & Associates is paying close attention to the situation involving COVID-19 (Coronavirus). For details on how we are managing this situation click here

FJ & Associates & COVID-19 

With the major changes being brought to our nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FJ & Associates is delaying in-person tax meetings until May 1st. This is our effort to decrease the spread of the virus and protect both our clients and employees. We will also no longer be taking paper copies of documents. All documents will need to be scanned to PDF via a scanner or using a mobile phone application. We also will not be issuing paper copies of tax returns. We will continue to meet with clients via phone and web conferencing. All tax filings will be digitally for the tax year 2019, filing in 2020. We recognize there will be extenuating circumstances and are prepared to handle those on a case by case basis. We are still taking clients so if you are in need of help filling we stand ready to assist in any way we can. We wish everyone the best and look forward to interacting with you as we make it past these troubling times.

-FJ & Associates